Why do I need to pay for an article?

Our magazine is free to read. We want to make the magazine as inclusive as possible - people just have to download it and start reading.

We don't do ads, we don't do subscriptions. This magazine is paid for by your investment. Want an article about your work? Want a review? We're here to help for a small fee. Check out our store here.

Do you have fee waivers?

Yes. You'll need a good reason for it though. Drop us a line at infofilmhuman@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Why are you running film.human?

Ted Hope's 'Hope for Film' inspired us. Read his book, and you might have a similar genius thought. Our aim here at Film.Human is to create a community of support for indie filmmakers around a magazine written by filmmakers, for filmmakers. We want to promote you - the indie filmmakers!

We also want to engage with the growing audience for independent film. We want to provide them with recommendations, and the stories behind those little indie films. So, basically consider this a Sight and Sound or Filmmaker Magazine without the big blockbusters (though those magazines do still rock!)

There's an end of year award?

Yes! For those filmmakers featured as 'curated' filmmakers, who have been selected as our main focus in each issue, there is a competition to be named as one of the Filmmakers of the Year in our final issue. At the moment we think they'll be six winners, but it all depends on how the year shapes out, and how many awards we can come up with which are appropriate.


Got more questions? Ask us at infofilmhuman@gmail.com