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All main curated filmmakers are automatically nominated for our Filmmaker of the Year award.

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All interviews are published as part of our magazine. All submissions will be included at some point!

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Please note: Our FilmFreeway page belongs to our sister company, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards. Please submit to the magazine through their submission system (see categories for FilmHuman)

What is FilmHuman about?


Filmhuman is a film production diary (written by you), a networking platform, and most importantly - a film magazine focusing on bringing attention to, and championing the work of indie filmmakers working today.
Every other month we will curate a magazine which focuses on several filmmakers whose work will be featured in detail (reviews, articles, interviews etc.). These filmmakers will be selected from our submissions. In order to qualify for the 'Curator Magazine', filmmakers must have a body of work already produced/released (at least 2-3 shorts, and/or 1-3 features). These projects need to be submitted to us via email (you will receive instructions upon submission of one of your projects).
We will also feature other filmmakers who select other categories in the magazine as a review, single feature articles or production diaries.
Every filmmaker selected as a 'Main Curated' filmmaker will automatically be nominated for our Filmmakers of the year awards, which will be announced in our end of year magazine. Otherwise, being featured in the magazine is the main reward!

Awards and Prizes.

- Curator Magazine: get featured in our magazine. If selected, you will have your work reviewed, featured, and we will interview you. The magazine's main focus is the filmmakers we curate, and their work. In other words: imagine this as your opportunity to be covered in depth, as if you were featured in Sight and Sound or Filmmaker Magazine. The article about said curated filmmaker will be at least 4 pages in length (that's 4 A4 pages of the magazine).

- Public platform reviews: we will help publish our reviews on several platforms of your choice (Amazon Prime, IMDb etc.), as well as feature it in our magazine on our site, promote it throughout the year on various social media platforms. Our aim is to create a platform to promote filmmakers, and help bridge the gap between cinephile audiences and indie filmmakers working today.

- Filmmakers of the Year: get featured a second time in our final issue of the year as one of Filmmaker of the Year. To qualify for one of these awards you must be: curated in the magazine at least once during the year, and still be actively working on (a) project(s) throughout the year (meaning you will be able to update us on your work etc). For more details, please visit the 'about' page on our site.

Terms and Conditions.

- Submission to be curated doesn't have any time expiration on it, once you have submitted your materials to us, you will be added to a list of filmmakers whose work will be covered by the magazine. We will be in touch with an estimate time for your featuring in our magazine, and what type of features/interviews we will conduct. The date which we submit to you could extend further, or shift based on our magazine needs.
- We believe in a balanced diet of cinema in our magazine, this means: each issue will feature different types of filmmakers, and focus on bringing attention to their work and supporting them during their featured issue.
- Please submit the films digitally exclusively. We do not accept hard copies due to our body of curators, and their various locations around the world.
- All selections are final and no correspondence can be entered into.
- There are no public screenings for FilmHuman (for the time being). If we are lucky enough to secure screenings for the 'filmmaker of the year' later on, it will be in negotiation with the winner. It will be in mutual agreement to benefit us both.
- Submissions in a language other than English must have subtitles. All articles and issues of the magazine will be in English.
- Press kits and promotional material will be required for curated filmmakers, to be featured in the magazine and on our site. We will contact you with our needs once your work has been selected.
- Entry fees are non-refundable. Projects can be from any of the last eight years.
- Editorial engagement will be completed by the curators at their discretion.
- Failure to provide the necessary requirements to our magazine can result in disqualification from the magazine.

Please note: Our FilmFreeway page belongs to our sister company, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards. Please submit to the magazine through their submission system (see categories for FilmHuman)